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I'm so glad you're here. 

If you want to know more about me and my photography, I can tell you that I’ve found such a passion in capturing all kinds of moments; big, simple, playful, sweet, average, and monumental. I specialize in wedding and senior portrait photography but I'm down to capture all the things you want to remember. It’s become such a privilege to turn what's happening for people now into tangible memories. Capturing moments in a real, reach out and grab it kind of way is what I strive for and what makes this so fun.


One of my favorite spots in the world is behind my camera and if you’re in front of it, consider yourself a friend. I love that some of my own sweetest moments are really just capturing yours. 

speaking of my sweetest moments...

I'd love to share some of them with you. These have been some of my favorite things, moments, and people to capture.

young life

There's just no denying that the photos captured at Young Life camp, club, and fall weekend show joy on a whole new level. There's something special about capturing moments while living life with these friends. 



I owe a lot to the people that first smiled for my camera. They've been my biggest encouragers and the ones that showed me that the time spent photographing people is more of a treasure than the photographs themselves.

Diet Coke, wide open space,  lattes with friends, and baby feet are among the favorites. Chocolate of any kind, Cheez-its, fresh flowers, and front porches are on that list too.